LIAISE Charter: Initiative for a Community of Practice on Impact Assessment Research for Sustainable Development

(09-04-2014) The LIAISE Charter lays out a vision on how to achieve the goal of a broad, open and inclusive centre of excellence on Impact Assessment (IA) for Sustainable Development (SD).

The LIAISE KIT for Impact Assessment

Table of Contents

What is the LIAISE KIT? 

This website contains descriptions of different types of knowledge which can be used in the context of policy impact Assessment. It has been developed in the context of the FP7 LIAISE Network of Excellence. With this site we aim to provide two different services:

  • Library of models, methods, good practices, experts:  Different sources of knowledge are described and can be queried using keywords from the domain of policy Impact assessment
  • community platform to collaborate in the field of Impact Assessment: you are invited to share your knowledge in the field of Impact Assessment for Sustainable development: become an expert, a lead editor or upload your publication.