CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - STS Conference Graz 2015, "Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies"


Researchers in the areas of science, technology and society studies and sustainability studies are invited to give presentations.

The conference provides a forum to discuss on a broad variety of topics in these fields – especially abstracts are encouraged which refer to aspects of the mentioned conference themes and sessions.


Bodies, Health and Technology

SESSION 1: Intimate Technologies: Embodying Artefatcs, Remaking Bodies, Enacting Norms

SESSION 2: mHealth and Surveillance: Caring for Data?

SESSION 3: Emerging Configurations of Biomedical Technologies


Responsible Research and Innovation Studies

SESSION 4: Responsible Research and Innovation

SESSION 5: Beyond Bibliometrics: New Approach to Mapping Science and Technology

SESSION 6: Science and Economy: Sociotechnical Networks and the Use of Knowledge
SESSION 7: Does Quality Count? On the Role of Metrics in Academic Accountability Politics


Information and Communication Technologies and Society

SESSION 8: Cloud Computing as Critical ICT Infrastructure

SESSION 9: STS and 'New' Media

SESSION 10: What is so Fascinating with Computer Science?


Social Change in Science and Technology

SESSION 11: ICT Use, Energy Consumption and the Changing Practices

SESSION 12: Intersectionality and Diversity Issues in Changing ICT Practices

SESSION 13: Queer Feminist Science, Technology and Society studies

SESSION 14: Music, Materiality and Subjectives


Transitions to Sustainability

SESSION 15: Sustainability in Housing

SESSION 16: Local Innovation Impulses and the Transformation of the Energy System

SESSION 17: De-constructing the Smart City, Reassembling Urban Life

SESSION 18: Visibility and Invisibility in Energy Transitions

SESSION 19: STS – Design – Sustainability

SESSION 20: From Vicious to Virtuous Production Chains: Transforming European SMEs Towards Circular Economic Business Models

SESSION 21: Energy, Society and Culture – (Sustainable) Energy Transformations as Transformations of Social Order

SESSION 22: Energy Transformations, Energy Epistemics and Governance – the Role of the Social Sciences and Humanities

For more information on the call and the specific outlines of sessions click here.


Submissions should be sent to Michaela Jahrbacher until January 15th, 2015 as a *DOC/DOCX-file* and will be reviewed in cooperation with the organizers of the sessions.

Abstracts should include not more than 250 words, comprising detailed contact information, affiliation and specification of the conference theme and session you are referring to.