Editing impact area content

  • a page for your specific Impact Area has already been created; you’ll find it under “Impact Areas”, select the main family of impact areas at the bottom of the page and you will be forwarded to the respective list of impact areas – select ‘your’ impact area. In order to add content, just click the button “edit”; please, do not forget to click the “Save” button at the end of the page, after adding/changing content
  • You can find further help for moving in the Toolbox under “Toolbox Manual: Instructions for Lead Editors” (http://beta.liaise-toolbox.eu/content/instructions-lead-editors)
  • In the Toolbox page of your Impact Area, a text structure has been set in advance (starting with ‘Guiding Questions’ which provide topic-specific information in a structured way, followed by a number of generic headings for the whole of an impact areas). You can use this structure but as well change it or add new headings.
  • On the one hand you may write a new description of your Impact Area, you may also alter existing or add new guiding questions. The existing text that derives from the EU’s IA Guidelines[1] as well as from entries by the LIAISE Toolbox experts (see for example impact area “Landscape”). Please also check if the descriptive headings (e.g. ‘indicators’) are adequate or should be altered/corrected/completed/up-dated/made more reader-friendly; the review process should furthermore include a check of:

            - references (add new ones or delete old ones)

            - web links (add new ones or delete old ones)

            - figures (add new ones or delete old ones)

            - wording and changing it into a LIAISE context

            - further identification of tools/software, examples of application and experts.

[1] CEC (2009): Impact Assessment Guidelines. SEC (2009) 92, Brussels