Generating tables of contents


The Table of Contents (TOC) is a graphic support at the right side of the screen that provides orientation for the user when navigating and reading through the different pages. It highlights in black color which part of the TOC is just on display. In order to have the TOC properly functioning, editors need to follow the instructions below.


In order to let a TOC show the respective pages that have been created it is necessary to use the heading formats that are being offered by the Editor software. In a TOC only heading levels H2 and H3 are being shown, this means (level H1 is reserved for the page title only). There is a minimum of 5 H2 headings needed in order to show a TOC.

Fixing problems

Unappealing empty lines and text breaks are the results of empty H-tags in the text fields. This can be seen best when switching to plain to plain text editor. Then entries such as the following can be seen:


The symbols sequence ' ' refers to the HTML Markup language and means an empty space symbol, while h1 refers to the heading format. This means, an empty space symbol is being marked as a heading. And this is the way it will be shown in the TOC.

In order to solve this problem, the whole entry


...needs to be deleted. This problem regularly appears when using WYSIWYG Editors, but can be solved in the above way.