IA Methods

In this section of the LIAISE KIT you find descriptions of methods (i.e. a set of systematic and established steps to acquire knowledge) that can be applied in IA. It includes methods for scopingquantitative and qualitative data collectionmethods to aggregate and compare options and to assess the coherence of policies, to visualise and communicate assessment results, to facilitate stakeholder participation, and to monitor and review policy implementation.

For each method you find

  • descriptions on how to apply the method
  • web resources for further guidance
  • examples of the method's application
  • software implementations and
  • experts who can support the application.

Please select from the menu on the left side families of methods you are interested in.                               

The descriptions of the methods are maintained and constantly updated by the LIAISE Lead Editors
Some of the descriptions are based on previous work undertaken in the FP6 project Sustainability A-Test which we gratefully acknowledge.

A method is missing and should be made available here? Please contact admin@liaise-toolbox.eu.