The LIAISE KIT for Impact Assessment

What is the LIAISE KIT? 

This website contains descriptions of different types of knowledge which can be used in the context of policy impact Assessment. It has been developed in the context of the FP7 LIAISE Network of Excellence. With this site we aim to provide two different services:

  • Library of models, methods, good practices, experts:  Different sources of knowledge are described and can be queried using keywords from the domain of policy Impact assessment
  • community platform to collaborate in the field of Impact Assessment: you are invited to share your knowledge in the field of Impact Assessment for Sustainable development: become an expert, a lead editor or upload your publication. 

Are you doing an Impact Assessment?

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You may search for

  • Models to assess impact on certain impact areas, sectors, countries, etc.. 
  • Experts which may assisst in the IA 
  • Methods that support the different steps of IA
  • Guidance on analyzing impact areas
  • Guidance for the planning of an IA
  • Practical examples of IA which may serve as example for your IA 
  • (a platform for collaborative writing of an IA) (coming soon)
  • you may also contribute examples of IA which you have undertaken and want to share

Are you a researcher in the field of IA?

You may search for

How to contribute to the LIAISE  KIT?

The content of the LIAISE KIT is provided by the community of researchers in the field of impact assessment. As a researcher or consultant, you are invited to upload your expertise and become expert, upload examples of IAs, related projects or publications, descriptions of models or methods.

You may also become a lead editor for an impact area or a family of methods

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