A new name for the Toolbox: LIAISE KIT

(18-03-2014) The LIAISE Management Board decided in its latest meeting to rename the Toolbox to LIAISE KIT. 

The decision has been taken based on the recommendation of LIAISE Work Package 4 - the Toolbox front office. The reasons for the renaming are: 

  • The toolbox now includes a functionality of posting news items;
  • It is developed as a community platform;
  • It is a repository for other sources of knowledge, not only models and tools, but also expert profiles, publications, datasets, etc. 

The decision for renaming the Toolbox was based on a voting in which the community was invited to make proposals for a new name and participate in voting for finding the new name. The LIAISE KIT is accessible via www.liaise-kit.eu (the previous domain names remain valid). A new logo is under development and will be uploaded soon.