The LIAISE community brings together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and policy domains in the spirit of problem-oriented, inter- and transdisciplinary, excellent research for Impact Assessment. The LIAISE community was initiated by a group of researchers with backgrounds in environmental sciences, economics, modelling and policy analysis.

The community meets and exchanges in different forums: The LIAISE KIT is a platform of experts and lead editors to collaborate on issues related to Impact Assessment, and designed for policy makers and practitioners involved in Impact Assessment. The LIAISE toolbox is also a forum for the LIAISE community.

  • Ca. 100 users have registered as modellers, experts or lead editors. If you want to use the toolbox, become part of the LIAISE KIT user community.
  • Ca. 800 people have subscribed to the LIAISE newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter here.
  • Early career researchers meet in the LIAISEoffspring network which offers a forum for exchange. LIAISEoffspring frequently organises workshops and supports collaboration of early career researchers.
  • LIAISE researchers and practitioners meet frequently in conferences, workshops and policy forums. If you want to be posted, please write to