Welcome to the LIAISE Toolbox for Impact Assessment

Welcome to the LIAISE Toolbox. LIAISE is a FP7 Network of Excellence of European research institutes with the ambition to develop tools and expertise applicable for the ex ante assessment of the impacts of planned policies on the different dimensions of sustainable development.  


The ex-ante impact assessment of planned policies has become a standard of policy making in all OECD countries. A careful analysis of economic, social and environmental impacts should avoid or at least reduce unintended side effects and maximize the overall benefits of public policies. In response, researchers from many different disciplines have developed  computer models and assessment methods that allow to describe possible effects of new policies on different Impact Areas such as employment, biodiversity or social cohesion.  Both models and methods support the key analytical steps put forward by the European Commission's IA Guidelines. IA can build on an expanding body of research and practical experience for which many examples are documented in this toolbox.


The LIAISE Toolbox offers both researchers and IA practitioners an interactive venue for placing and finding models, setting up virtual groups such as on Impact Areas or model linking, as well as for discussing related issues and ongoing activities. Your comments and contributions to the toolbox are very welcome.