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International environmental impacts

Quotation: Stefan Reis (2013): Introduction to the environmental Impact Area International Environmental Impacts:


Europeans enjoy some of the world’s highest environmental standards. And the continent accepts that, as a major consumer of natural resources, it has a responsibility to try to minimise its global environmental impact. But restricting action to within the continent would fail to protect the EU from environmental degradation elsewhere. Protecting the environment requires a global effort, and the EU encourages this through various activities. Therefore, environment issues are increasingly acknowledged by the international and diplomatic communities due to the growing interdependencies with other policy fields such as development and trade but also with democratisation, conflict prevention and post-conflict resolution, or enlargement.

This impact area is further specified by the taxonomy term: Environment in Developing Countries.

Relevant Policies

  • The European strategy on environmental integration in external relations has been adopted in 2002 and defines a coherent framework of principles to improve environmental protection at international level. These principles concern the political dialogue with third countries, cross-cutting issues, trade policy and international governance.
  • Initiated in 2007 by the European Commission, the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) intends to deepen dialogue, cooperation and enhance support on climate change between the European and poor developing countries, the most vulnerable to climate change, in particular Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
  • The 2005 "EU Consensus on Development" inter alia stresses the importance of sustainable management and preservation of natural resources, both as a source of income and as a means to safeguard and develop jobs, rural livelihoods and environmental goods and services.
  • The new European development policy requires that environment and sustainable management of natural resources be treated as a crosscutting issue to be integrated into all development activities.
  • The Commission's environment integration strategy outlines how the EU can best help developing countries to respond to environmental challenges as they work to reduce poverty.

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Environment in Developing Countries

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