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Business Opening or Closing Impact Area
Business Access to Finance Impact Area
Building an institutional framework for regulatory impact assessment: guidance for policy-makers Practice
Building a sustainable future for aquaculture Practice
Britz, Wolfgang Expert
Bridging the gap between theory and practice in integrated assessment Practice
Bridging the gap between ecophysiological and genetic knowledge to assess the adaptive potential of European beech Practice
Bournaris, Thomas Expert
Bosetti, Valentina Expert
Bosello, Francesco Expert
Border management in the EU Practice
Bleicher, Alena Expert
Bittens, Martin Expert
Biofuels: A model based assessment under uncertainty applying the Monte Carlo method Practice
Biofuels Communication Practice
Bioeconomic mussel fisheries management model Model
Biodiversity, flora and fauna Impact Area
Bio-resource evaluation within agri-environmental assessment tools in different European countries Practice
Bill Bealey Expert
Beyond the ‘Indicator Industry’: Use and Potential Influences of Sustainable Development Indicators in Finland and the EU Practice
Beyond the regime: can integrated sustainability assessment address the barriers to effective sustainable passenger mobility policy? Practice
Beyond the pillars: Sustainability Assessment as a framework for effective integration of social, economic and ecological considerations in significant decision-making Practice
Better training for safer food Practice
Better regulation: making good use of regulatory impact assessments Practice
Better Regulation – What is at stake? Practice
Better regulation in Europe: between public management and regulatory reform Practice
Better Careers and more Mobility: a European Partnership for Researchers Practice
Bestimmung von Landschaftsfunktionen als Beitrag zur Leitbildentwicklung. Practice
Belgium IA Methods
Bartke, Stephan Expert
B Resource Guide: Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Practice