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Damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules Practice
Dashboard IA Methods
Data presentation and visualisation IA Methods
Data visualisation IA Methods
de Vries, Wim Expert
Decision analysis interviews in environmental impact assessment Practice
Decision support for integrated wetland management Practice
Decision support system for decision making in regional planning, sustainable development of agricultural regions and environmental protection Model
Decision-orientated environmental assessment: an empirical study of its theory and methods Practice
Decision-oriented environmental assessment: An empirical study of its theory and methods Practice
Defence Procurement Consultation Practice
Defining the problem, its extent and causes IA activity
Delivering high quality Impact Assessments Practice
Demand for Labour Impact Area
Demand for Transport Impact Area
Democracy in the age of assessment: reflections on the roles of expertise and democracy in the public sector decision making Practice
Desperately seeking regulatory impact Assessments: diary of a reflective researcher Practice
Determinants of quality in regulatory impact analysis Practice
DEV Test IA method IA Methods
Developing a baseline scenario IA activity
Developing a shortlist of the most promising options IA activity
Developing Countries Impact Area
Developing the RIAM method (rapid impact assessment matrix) in the context of impact significance assessment Practice
Development of a management tool to indicate the environmental impact of organic viticulture Practice
Development of Environmental Strategies Practice
Development of Low Carbon Technologies (SET – Plan) Practice
Development of policy options IA activity
Development of the Community's Railways Practice
Development Policy Practice
Dick, Jan Expert
Diehl, Katharina Expert
Different Treatment of Products or Businesses Impact Area
Diffusion without convergence: how political context shapes the adoption of regulatory impact assessment Practice
Discrimination of Social Groups Impact Area
Dismantling Public Policy: Preferences, Strategies and Effects Practice
Dissemination of GMO Impact Area