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E3ME Model
eAccessibility Practice
Earth observation programme (GMES) and its initial operations Practice
Eboli, Fabio Expert
ECCA 2015 - Call for contributions Article
Ecodesign requirements for fans 125 W to 500 kW Practice
Ecodesign requirements for household refrigerating appliances Practice
Ecodesign requirements for household refrigerating appliances Practice
Economic and environmental impacts of milk quota reform in Europe Practice
Economic Growth and Employment Impact Area
Economic Impacts Impact Area
Economic Safety of Family and Children Impact Area
Economic Stability Impact Area
Economy-wide accounts (incl. MFA, EE-IOA, DSM) IA Methods
Ecosystem service knowledge: who uses it, when and for what purpose? Practice
Ecosystem Services Impact Area
Ecosystem Services in Policy Impact Assessment Practice
Edit Method Content Book page
Editing impact area content Book page
Editing specific content Book page
Editorial: Integrated assessment of agricultural and environmental policies—concepts and tools Practice
Editorial: What’s so special about sustainability assessment? Practice
Education and mobility of workers Impact Area
EEA data Article
Effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment system in Estonia Practice
Effectiveness of Public Institutions Impact Area
Effects and interactions of policies and measures in agriculture on N losses and P balances at a regional level in EU-27. Model
Effects of CAP Policy on Farm Household Behaviour and Social Sustainability Practice
Effects of decoupling on the mean and variability of output Practice
Effects of differing farm policies on-farm structure and dynamics Practice
Effects of fish farm waste on Posidonia oceanica meadows: Synthesis and provision of monitoring and management tools Practice
Effects of High prices on arable farming systems across Europe Practice
Effects on Academic or Industrial Research Impact Area
Efficiency of Agricultural Measures to Reduce Nitrogen Deposition in Natura 2000 Sites Practice