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Euro-Med Facility Practice
Euro-Med Work Programme Practice
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Practice
European Asylum Support Office Practice
European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR) Practice
European Commission invites to public consultation Article
European Corn Borer life stage model: Regional estimates of pest development and spatial distribution under present and future climate Practice
European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) Practice
European Employment Scheme Practice
European Energy Strategic technology Plan (SET-Plan) Practice
European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010 Practice
European Forest Institute Scenarios Model
European Landscape Character Areas – Typologies, Cartography and Indicators for the Assessment of Sustainable Landscapes. Practice
European Reference Life Cycle Database Practice
European Refugee Fund Practice
European Research for Impact Assessment Tools Practice
European research Infrastructure (ERI) Practice
European Tax Analyzer Model
European Union Agricultural Policy Scenarios' Impacts on Social Sustainability of Agricultural Holdings Practice
EU´s International Obligations Impact Area
Evaluating better regulation: building the system Practice
Evaluating Regulatory Impact Analyses Practice
Evaluating the effectiveness of impact assessment instruments: theorising the nature and implications of their political constitution Practice
Evaluating the use of Social Impact Assessment in the context of agricultural development projects in Iran Practice
Evaluation IA Methods
Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reforms in the European Union Practice
Evaluation of an intrinsic and a specific vulnerability assessment method in comparison with groundwater salinisation and nitrate contamination levels in two agricultural regions in the south of Portugal Practice
Evaluation of approaches to integrating sustainability into Community policies - Final Report for the Secretariat General of the European Commission Practice
Evaluation of regulatory impact assessments 2005-06 Practice
Evaluation of regulatory impact assessments 2006-07 Practice
Evaluation of regulatory impact assessments: compendium report 2003-04 Practice
Evaluation of regulatory impact assessments: compendium report 2004-05 Practice
Evaluation of the Commission’s impact assessment system Report written for the European Commission Practice
Evaluation of the environmental impact of agriculture at the farm level: a comparison and analysis of 12 indicator-based methods Practice