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IA Report: Union guidelines for the development of the Trans-European Transport Network (2011) Practice
IA Workspaces Article
IAS-STS Fellowship Programme 2015/16 Article
ICARUS Practice
Identifying core indicators IA activity
Identifying impacts and assessing their relative importance IA activity
Identifying relevant, credible and proportionate policy options IA activity
Ignorance in the Long-term Remediation of Contaminated Land Practice
IIASA Population Model
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing Practice
Impact analysis IA activity
Impact areas Impact Area
Impact Areas Editorial Board Book page
Impact Assessment - Assessment of National-level Policy Strategies Practice
Impact assessment and policy learning in the European Commission Practice
Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development Practice
Impact assessment and sustainable development: European practice and experience Practice
Impact assessment and the liberalization of the EU energy markets: evidence-based policy-making or policy-based evidence-making? Practice
Impact Assessment in EU Lawmaking Practice
Impact Assessment in the EU Practice
Impact assessment in the EU: a toll for better regulation, less regulation or less bad regulation? Practice
Impact assessment in the EU: the state of the art and the art of the state Practice
Impact assessment in the European Commission: a system with multiple objectives Practice
Impact assessment in the European Union Practice
Impact assessment in the UK policy-making Practice
Impact Assessment Methodologies for Microfinance: Theory, Experience and Better Practice Practice
Impact assessment of CAP policies on social sustainability in rural areas: an application in Northern Greece Practice
Impact Assessment of European Commission Policies: Achievements and Prospects Practice
Impact Assessment of Land Use Policies Practice
Impact Assessment Practice in Europe Practice
Impact Assessment Systems and Tools in Europe: Current Practices and User Expectations Practice
Impact assessment tools applied to impact assessment of EU policies in agriculture and environment. Practice
Impact assessments In the EU Institutions: do they support decision-making? Practice
Impact of New Technologies on Jobs Impact Area
Impact of the European Common Agricultural Policy reform on future research on rural areas Practice
Impacts of climate change and variability on European agriculture: Results of inventory analysis in COST 734 countries Practice