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Integrated crop–livestock simulation models for scenario analysis and impact assessment Practice
Integrated farm sustainability assessment for the environmental management of rural activities Practice
Integrated impact assessment for sustainable development: a case study approach Practice
Integrated impact assessment in the UK: use, efficacy and future development Practice
Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment Model
Integrated Multicriteria Analysis for Sustainable Agricultural Policy Evaluation Practice
Integrated NITrogen Impact Assessment Tool On a Regional scale Model
Integrated Nitrogen Tool across Europe for Greenhouse gases and Ammonia Targeted to Operational Responses Model
Integrated sustainability assessment: what is it, why do it and how? Practice
Integrating Agri-Environmental Policy, Farming Systems and Rural Development: Tir Cymen in Wales Practice
Integrating agroecology and landscape multifunctionality in Vermont: An evolving framework to evaluate the design of agroecosystems Practice
Integrating Health & Environmental Impact Analysis Practice
Integrating transport into ‘joined-up’ policy appraisal Practice
Integration and integrated approaches to assessment: What do they mean for the environment? Practice
Integration of EU Mortgage Credit Markets Practice
Intellectual Property Rights Impact Area
Intelligent Vehicles Practice
Inter-institutionalizing impact assessment Practice
Interconnecting Africa Practice
Internal Market for Consumer Goods Impact Area
Internal market for electricity and gas Practice
International environmental impacts Impact Area
International Standards Impact Area
Internet consultation IA Methods
Interoperability of Digital TV Practice
Intertemporal Computable Equilibrium System Model
Investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation Practice
Investigation of the relative efficiency of LEADER+ in rural areas of Northern Greece Practice
Investment Impact Area
Investment Cycles Impact Area
Investment projects in energy infrastructure Practice
Investment projects in energy infrastructure Practice
Investment projects in energy infrastructure Practice
Involving the Public in Catchment Management: An Analysis of the Scope for Learning Lessons from Abroad Practice
Is better regulation smarter regulation? Practice
Is the increasing policy use of impact assessment in Europe likely to undermine efforts to achieve healthy public policy Practice