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Macroeconomic Environment Impact Area
Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services in European Policy Impact Assessment Practice
Mainstreaming ecosystem services into EU policy Practice
Manos, Basil Expert
Mari Jüssi Expert
Maritime Proposal Practice
Marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations Practice
Markets for Innovation Impact Area
Markets for Products or Services Impact Area
Marttunen, Mika Expert
Material Flow Accounts. A Tool for Making Environmental Policy. Practice
Material Flows – Concept & Methodology. Practice
Measuring Material Flows and Resource Productivity Practice
Measuring policy learning: regulatory impact assessment in Europe Practice
Media Impact Area
Medicinal Products for Paediatric Use Practice
Merits of a more integrated approach to environmental assessments Practice
METal ResOurces Model Model
Method to monitor and quantify the environmental impact of European agriculture: Conceptual outline Practice
Methodology and Indicators of Economy-wide Material Flow Accounting. State of the Art and Reliability Across Sources Practice
Methods and tools for integrated assessment of land use policies on sustainable development in developing countries Practice
Methods and Tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment (MATISSE) Practice
Methods for analysis of physical impacts (incl. Footprint analyses and Life-cycle analysis) IA Methods
Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation IA Methods
Methods for statistical analysis IA Methods
Methods to aggregate impacts and compare options IA Methods
Methods to analyse the coherence of policies IA Methods
Methods to Compare Different Options IA Methods
Mika Marttunen Expert
Minimum sanctions to employers of illegally resident third-country nationals Practice
Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse-gas Induced Climate Change Model
Modeling Framework for the Health Impact Assessment of Man-Induced Atmospheric Changes Model
Modelling IA Methods