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Multifunctional, self-organizing biosphere landscapes and the future of our Total Human Ecosystem Practice
Multicriteria mathematical programming tool Model
Multicriteria analysis for grouping and ranking European Union rural areas based on social sustainability indicators Practice
Multicriteria analysis for agricultural resource management: A critical survey and future perspectives Practice
Multi-jurisdictional environmental impact assessment: Canadian experiences Practice
Multi-criteria analysis of wastewater treatment plant design and control scenarios under uncertainty Practice
Multi-criteria analysis IA Methods
Multi-Attribute Value Theory Book page
Mudgal et al., 2012: Preparatory study for the review of the thematic strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources. Practice
Moulogianni, Chistina Expert
Monitoring and reporting Book page
Monitoring and evaluation IA activity
Modernization of universities: the EU Forum for University Business Dialogue Practice
Modernization of universities: the EU Forum for University Business Dialogue Practice
Modern regulatory impact analysis: the experience of the European Union Practice
Modelling the impacts of CAP Pillar 1 and 2 measures on local economies in Europe: testing a case study-based CGE-model approach Practice
Modelling farm structural change for integrated ex-ante assessment: review of methods and determinants Practice
Modelling IA Methods
Modeling Framework for the Health Impact Assessment of Man-Induced Atmospheric Changes Model
Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse-gas Induced Climate Change Model
Minimum sanctions to employers of illegally resident third-country nationals Practice
Mika Marttunen Expert
Methods to Compare Different Options IA Methods
Methods to analyse the coherence of policies IA Methods
Methods to aggregate impacts and compare options IA Methods
Methods for statistical analysis IA Methods
Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation IA Methods
Methods for analysis of physical impacts (incl. Footprint analyses and Life-cycle analysis) IA Methods
Methods and Tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment (MATISSE) Practice
Methods and tools for integrated assessment of land use policies on sustainable development in developing countries Practice
Methodology and Indicators of Economy-wide Material Flow Accounting. State of the Art and Reliability Across Sources Practice
Method to monitor and quantify the environmental impact of European agriculture: Conceptual outline Practice