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N-Vino Model
National requirements and experiences in IA Article
Navigating the Anthropocence: Improving Earth System Governance Practice
Navigating the Dilemmas of Climate Policy in Europe: Evidence From Policy Evaluation Studies Practice
NEAC Model
Negotiating river ecosystems: Impact assessment and conflict mediation in the cases of hydro-power construction Practice
Nendel, Claas Expert
NEST Model
Network for Health Impact Assessment Article
New agendas for appraisal: reflections on theory, practice, and research Practice
New design underway Article
New Econometric Model of Evaluation by Sectoral Interdependency and Supply Model
New Edited Volume: Long-Term Governance for Social-Ecological Change Practice
New Event - Science for the Environment 2015 Article
New Expert Article
New expert and lead editor Article
New expert: Bill Bealey Article
New expert: Janus Larsen and new model: Flexsem Article
New expert: Mari Jüssi Article
New expert: Thomas Huesing Article
New Expert:Terri Kafyeke Article
New experts from Estonia and Spain Article
New Experts in the toolbox Article
New Experts in the toolbox recruited Article
New Experts: Jan Dick and Tea Nòmmann Article
New feature: Collaborative writing of IA Article
New feature: Facetted search for examples of IA Article
New IA experts Article
New lead editor and method description for data visualisation Article
New Lead Editor for EIA Article
New Lead Editor for Environmental monitoring/Remote sensing Article
New Lead Editor for Indicators Article
New Lead Editor for Visualisation Article
New Lead Editors for Soil Article
New Lead Editors Group for Input-Output Analysis & Material Flow Accounting Article
New light commercial vehicles as part of the Community’s integrated approach to reduce CO2 emissions from light-duty vehicles Practice