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Rail noise abatement measures Practice
Rail noise abatement measures Practice
Rare Earths Futures Practice
Rationalising the policy mess? Ex ante assessment and the utilisation of knowledge in the policy process Practice
Rationality, power, management and symbols: four images of regulatory impact assessment Practice
Re-assessment of CO₂ and SO₂ Emissions in Energy Sector by Using LEAP-model: Experiences from Estonian Energy Sector Planning Practice
Re-evaluating sustainability assessment: aligning the vision and the practice Practice
REBECCA toolbox Model
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions Practice
Reform der Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik Impact Assessment
Regime for the renumeration of directors of listed companies Practice
Region-Specific Impacts Impact Area
Regional Impact of Irrigation Water Pricing in Greece under Alternative Scenarios of European Policy: A Multicriteria Analysis Practice
Regulating rule-making via impact assessment Practice
Regulation of Business Impact Area
Regulation: Another form of Taxation?, UK Regulatory Impact Assessments Practice
Regulatory impact analysis inventory Practice
Regulatory impact analysis: a tool for policy coherence Practice
Regulatory impact analysis: best practices in OECD countries Practice
Regulatory Impact Analysis: Lessons from the Pilot Exercise Practice
Regulatory Impact Assessment Practice
Regulatory Impact Assessment and its Evolution in Greece and Cyprus Practice
Regulatory impact assessment and policy appraisal: Third report of session 2006-0, House of Commons Practice
Regulatory Impact Assessment and sustainable development: Towards a common framework Practice
Regulatory impact assessment: formal institutionalization and practice Practice
Regulatory impact assessment: towards better regulation? Practice
Regulatory Instruments for Sustainable Resource Policy Practice
Regulatory performance: ex-post evaluation of regulatory tools and institutions Practice
Regulatory quality in Europe: Concepts, measures and policy processes Practice
Reidsma, Pytrik Expert
Reis, Stefan Expert
Renaming the Toolbox: Invitation for Voting Article
Renewable or non-renewable resources Impact Area
Rennings, Klaus Expert
Report on "A New Growth Path for Europe" Practice
Report on Innovation Potentials in Eco-friendly Public Procurement Practice