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Social Accounting Matrix Book page
Social Impact Areas Impact Area
Social Impacts Impact Area
Social Impacts in Third Countries Impact Area
Social Impacts of EU Policies in Third Countries Impact Area
Social Inclusion and Protection of Particular Groups Impact Area
Social multi-criteria evaluation: Methodological foundations and operational consequences Practice
Socio-economic futures in climate change impact assessment: using scenarios as ‘learning machines’ Practice
Socio-economic scenario development for the assessment of climate change impacts on agricultural land use: a pairwise comparison approach Practice
Söderman, Tarja Expert
Soil Degradation, Farming Practices, Institutions and Policy Responses: An Analytical Framework Practice
Soil Quality Impact Area
Soil Quality or Resources Impact Area
Solidarity in Health - Reducing Health Inequalities in the EU Practice
Solidarity in Health - Reducing Health Inequalities in the EU Practice
Spatial Analysis and Modelling Tool Model
Spatial Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as Support Tools for Environmental Assessment Practice
Spatially Explicit Computation of Sustainability Indicator Values for the Automated Assessment of Land-Use Options Practice
Spatio-temporal Trends of Nitrogen Deposition and Climate Effects on Sphagnum Productivity in European Peatlands Practice
Special Issue of Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment: Scaling Methods in Integrated Assessment of Agricultural Systems Practice
Special Issue of Environmental Modelling and Software Practice
Special Issue: Impact Assessment of Agri-food Policies in Europe: Methods, Tools and Applications Practice
Special Issue: Methods and Tools for Integrated Assessment of Sustainability of Agricultural Systems and Land Use Practice
Special Issue: Model-based Systems to Support Impact Assessment - Methods, Tools and Applications Practice
Special Symposium on Nature, Science, and Politics, or: Policy Assessment to Promote Sustainable Development Practice
Specific regions or sectors Impact Area
Specifications Book page
Stakeholder consultation IA activity
Stakeholder Equality Impact Area
Stakeholder Involvement in Societal Decisions Impact Area
Standard-Dokumentation Metainformationen (Definitionen, Erläuterungen,Methoden, Qualität) zur Materialflussrechnung Practice
State aid rules to public service broadcasting Practice
Stimulation and harmonisation Book page
Strategic approaches and assessment techniques: potential for knowledge brokerage towards sustainability Practice
Strategic Environmental Assessment: a sourcebook and reference guide to international experience Practice
Strategy for the internalisation of external costs Practice