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Structure of Public Services Impact Area
Study for the European Commission, Secretariat General Article
Sugar Regime Practice
Sugar Regime Practice
Summarising and presenting the impacts IA activity
Support for IA Basic page
Support scheme in the cotton sector Practice
Surveys (incl. expert and delphi surveys) IA Methods
Sustainability Advanced-Test (A-Test) Practice
Sustainability appraisal for sustainable development: Integrating everything from jobs to climate change Practice
Sustainability appraisal: jack of all trades, master of none? Practice
Sustainability appraisal: where next? Practice
Sustainability assessment in context: issues of process, policy and governance Practice
Sustainability assessment: basic components of a practical approach Practice
Sustainability Assessment: Criteria, Processes and Applications Practice
Sustainability assessment: dressing up SEA? Experiences from South Africa Practice
Sustainability Assessment: Pluralism, Practice and Progress Practice
Sustainability assessment: the application of a methodological framework Practice
Sustainability focused impact assessment: English experiences Practice
Sustainability impact assessment and regulatory impact assessment Practice
Sustainability Impact Assessment Tools (SENSOR) Model
Sustainability Impact Assessment: approaches and application in Europe Practice
Sustainability integration and assessment Practice
Sustainability of European Irrigated Agriculture under Water Framework Directive and Agenda 2000 (WADI) Practice
Sustainability of European Irrigated Agriculture under Water Framework Directive and Agenda 2000 (WADI) Practice
Sustainability Science Fellowships at Harvard University Article
Sustainability Summit 2014 takes place in Freiburg from October 13th to 14th. Article
SustainabilityA-Test Project Practice
Sustainable development evaluations in Europe: market analysis, meta evaluation and future challenges Practice
Sustainable Development in the European Commission's Integrated Impact Assessments for 2003: final report Practice
Sustainable development objectives in impact assessment: why are they needed and where do they come from? Practice
Sustainable Development Strategies Practice
Sustainable development ‘outside’ the European Union: what role for impact assessment? Practice
Sustainable Development, Evaluation and Policy-Making: Theory, Practice and Quality Assurance Practice
Sustainable Metropolitan Regions Model