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Availability or Quality of Fresh- or Ground Water Impact Area
Availability of Soil Impact Area
Autonomy of Social Partner Impact Area
Asylum: an integrated approach to protection across the EU Practice
ASsessment of TRAnsport Strategies Model
Assessment of transboundary environmental effects in the Pearl River Delta Region: Is there a role for strategic environmental assessment? Practice
Assessment of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in sludges according to the European environmental policy Practice
Assessment of Policy Interrelationships and Impacts on Sustainability in Europe - The APRAISE 3E method Practice
Assessment of N and P Status at the Landscape Scale Using Environmental Models and Measurements Practice
Assessment of impacts: Quantitative analysis IA activity
Assessment of impacts: Qualitative analysis IA activity
Assessing whether the objectives are consistent with other EU policies and horizontal objectives IA activity
Assessing transposition and compliance aspects IA activity
Assessing the trophic state of Linhos lake: a first step towards ecological rehabilitation Practice
Assessing the relative environmental impacts of agricultural pesticides: the quest for a holistic method Practice
Assessing the Quality of Regulatory Impact Analyses Practice
Assessing the multiple Impacts of the Common Agricultural Policies (CAP) on Rural Economies (CAP-IRE) Practice
Assessing the multiple Impacts of the Common Agricultural Policies (CAP) on Rural Economies (CAP-IRE) Practice
Assessing the impacts of policy: a framework and an application Practice
Assessing the impact of the Nitrate Directive on farming systems using a bio-economic modelling chain Practice
Assessing the Economic Impacts of Climate Change. An Updated CGE Point of View Practice
Assessing the ecological and economic sustainability of energy crops Practice
ASSESSING THE COSTS AND BENEFITS OF REGULATION - Study for the European Commission, Secretariat General Practice
Assessing the Contribution of Regulatory Impact Analysis on Decision Making and the Development of Regulation Practice
Assessing Planetary and Regional Nitrogen Boundaries Related to Food Security and Adverse Environmental Impacts Practice
Assessing landscape functions with broad-scale environmental data: insights gained from a prototype development for Europe Practice
Assessing farm innovations and responses to policies: A review of bio-economic farm models Practice
Assessing climate change and associated socio-economic scenarios for arable farming in the Netherlands: An application of benchmarking and bio-economic farm modelling Practice
Assessing CAP reform: Sensitivity of modelling decoupled policies Practice
Assessing administrative burdens and simplification potential IA activity
Are impact assessment procedures actually promoting sustainable development? Institutional perspectives on barriers and opportunities found in the Swedish committee system Practice
Arampatzis, Stratos Expert
Approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to units of measurement Practice
Approaching Rio+20: A Survey of Positions and Expectations of Civil Society Organisations in Six European Countries on the Green Economy Practice