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Agriculture and environment in EU-15 — the IRENA indicator report. Practice
Agricultural Production and Externalities Simulator Model
Agricultural impact assessment, vulnerability, and the scope for adaptation Practice
Agri-environmental schemes and the European agricultural landscapes: the role of indicators as valuing tools for evaluation Practice
Agri-environmental Indicators for Landscapes Practice
Agri-Adapt Practice
Ag-PIE: A GIS-based screening model for assessing agricultural pressures and impacts on water quality on a European scale Practice
Administrative Burdens on SMEs Impact Area
Administrative Burdens on Businesses Impact Area
Administrative Burdens on Business Impact Area
Administrative Burden for Citizens Impact Area
Administrative Burden Impact Area
Adjustment Costs in Developing Countries Impact Area
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Adding a new sub-heading under ‘description’ Book page
Add your content Article
Add page for a Taxonomy term in a Book for its documentation Book page
Add new IA Method Book page
Adapting to climate change - Towards a European framework for action Practice
Adaptation to Climate Change Impact Area
Action Plan on Urban Mobility Practice
Action plan on freight transport logistics Practice
Access to the Labour Market Impact Area
Access to education and vocational training Impact Area
Access to and Effects on Social Protection, Health and Educational Systems Impact Area
Academic or Industrial Research and Development Impact Area
About the Toolbox Article
A Toolbox for Impact Assessment and Sustainability Practice
A Technical Framework for Life−cycle Assessment Practice
A statistical analysis of the quality of impact assessment in the European Union Practice
A Spatially Explicit Scenario-Driven Model of Adaptive Capacity to Global Change in Europe Practice
A Spatial Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Europe: Methods, Case Studies and Policy Analysis - Phase 2. Synthesis Report Practice
A social impact assessment of the floodwater spreading project on the Gareh-Bygone plain in Iran: A causal comparative approach Practice
A Rural Typology for Strategic European Policies Practice
A review of multiple criteria analysis for water resource planning and management Practice
A principle-based approach for the evaluation of sustainable development Practice