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A pilot study of the quality of European Commission extended impact assessments Practice
A new paradigm for Environmental Assessment (EA) in Korea Practice
A new name for the Toolbox: LIAISE KIT Article
A new executive order for improving federal regulation? Deeper and wider cost-benefit analysis Practice
A new European Landscape Classification (LANMAP) – a transparent, flexible and user-oriented methodology to distinguish landscape. Practice
A neural network for evaluating environmental impact of decoupling in rural systems Practice
A multicriteria Model to Support Eco-friendly Agricultural Production Planning Practice
A Multicriteria Model for the Assessment of Rural Development Plans in Greece Practice
A multicriteria model for planning agricultural regions within a context of groundwater rational management Practice
A look in the mirror: reflection on participation in integrated assessment from a methodological perspective Practice
A goal oriented indicator framework to support integrated assessment of new policies for agri-environmental systems Practice
A GIS-based screening model for assessing agricultural pressures and impacts on water quality on a European scale Practice
A Fuzzy Multicriteria Mathematical Programming model for planning agricultural regions Practice
A framework for tool selection and use in integrated assessment for sustainable development Practice
A Framework for Structuring Interdisciplinary Research Management Practice
A framework for monitoring landscape functions: The Saxon Academy Landscape Monitoring Approach (SALMA), exemplified by soil investigations in the Kleine Spree floodplain (Saxony, Germany) Practice
A framework for clarifying the meaning of Triple Bottom-Line, Integrated, and Sustainability Assessment Practice
A decision support tool for simulating the effects of alternative policies affecting water resources: an application at the European scale, Practice
A decision support for an integrated multi-scale analysis of irrigation: DSIRR Practice
A DEA approach for estimating the agricultural energy and environmental efficiency of EU countries Practice
A critical review of reductionist approaches for assessing the progress towards sustainability Practice
A comparative analysis of Regulatory Impact Assessment in ten EU countries Practice
A balanced appraisal? Impact assessment of European Commission proposals Practice