Administrative Burden

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Implementing regulations and laws entails costs. Some costs are linked to legal obligations to provide information either to public or private parties. They are called administrative costs. Some legal obligations to provide information have become needlessly time-consuming, excessively complicated or useless. Unnecessary and disproportionate administrative costs may hamper economic activity and/or irritate business, citizens and public authorities.
A distinction is made between administrative costs and administrative burdens: the latter designate costs specifically linked to information that businesses would not collect and provide in the absence of legal obligation. The Commission’s Better Regulation strategy is aimed at measuring administrative costs and reducing administrative burdens.
Nevertheless, the EU approach to better regulation needs to take into account the overall benefits and costs of EU rules. Information requirements are sometimes necessary, for example, in ensuring consumer, health and environmental protection. It is a question of ensuring a proper balance where administrative burdens are proportionate to the benefits they bring.

Guiding Question

Does the policy option bring additional governmental administrative burden?

Relevant Policies

Commission Communication Smart Regulation in the European Union to ensure that the regulatory framework in the EU contributes to achieving growth and jobs, while continuing to take into account the social and environmental objectives and the benefits for citizens and national administrations. The EU's Better Regulation policy aims at simplifying and improving existing regulation, to better design new regulation and to reinforce the respect and the effectiveness of the rules, all this in line with the EU proportionality principle.


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