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Access to finance is a problem mainly addressing SMEs. The Commission Communication “Access to finance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)” pints out that Europe´s small business need more efficient pan-European financial markets, more equity investment and a sharper public policy focus on early-stage finance. Focussed public action to close gaps in the availability of market finance for small businesses helps to promote entrepreneurship in Europe, which is an important aspect. Experience has shown that the best results in SME finance are achieved when the public sector works with the markets and acts as a catalyst to encourage their development. Both the Commission and the Member States already share SME financing risks with the private sector, but more needs to be done.
To efficiently promote entrepreneurship in Europe, further European, national and regional public sector actions should be focussed on the following areas of SME finance:

  • Improving framework conditions
  • Focussing on early-stage financing
  • Increasing equity in SME balance sheets
  • Completing single market and removing obstacles to grow f. e. tax laws which inhibit company growth by taxing earnings more than distributed profits

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Does the policy option affect access to finance?

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