Effectiveness of Public Institutions


 Consideration should be given to public authorities role vis-à-vis the proposal:

  • are public authorities actually involved in its implementation?
  • are public authorities affected as its direct or indirect addressees?

In the first case, costs incurred (e.g. human and infrastructure costs, co-funding of projects, enforcement costs, etc.) should not be assessed as economic impacts but as implementation costs and considered alongside the implementation costs incurred by the EU. In this context, consideration should be given to the likely implications of the proposal on the public expenditure, future budget commitments, taxation and where appropriate on the public sector budget balance and the quantity of government debt.

Guiding Question

Does the implementation of the proposed measures affect public institutions and administrations, for example in regard to their responsibilities?

Relevant Policies

UN/ECE Convention (Aarhus Convention) on access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters (CEC, 1998)
EU-White Paper on Governance (2001)
Convention on the Future of Europe (2001)


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Eurostat Indicators

To the best of the LIAISE team knowledge, there are no indicators in the Eurostat database or in any other authoritative publicly available databases that are directly related to this key question. Users are invited to contribute their own knowledge to this topic by contacting the LIAISE team.

Other Official Indicators

The following Sustainable Development Indicators are relevant to address the key question:
-Number of infringement cases brought in front of the Court of Justice, new actions
-Number of infringement cases brought in front of the Court of Justice, by policy area