Gender Equality


Gender mainstreaming is a commitment at European level: the gender perspective should be integrated in all policies at each stage of policy development — design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Equality between women and men should be promoted at all levels and in all policy areas. The Roadmap on equality (2006-2010) between women and men mentioned the following areas: equal economic independence, reconciliation of work, private and family life, equal participation in decision making, fight against gender based violence and trafficking, elimination of gender stereotypes, and promotion of gender equality outside the EU.

Guiding Question

Does the option promote equality between women and men?

Relevant Policies

A large body of European legislative texts is dedicated to equality between women and men, including access to and equal treatment in employment, equal pay, protection of health and safety of pregnant workers and workers who have recently given birth or are breastfeeding, parental leave, social security, burden of proof in case of discrimination, self-employed workers and their assisting spouses, access to and supply of goods and services.
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Further Sources of Data

Other data on gender issues can be obtained from the National equality bodies and the European Women's Lobby (European-level NGOs work in cooperation with the Commission on gender equality).

Further Sources of Information

European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion on gender equality:
Networks of experts:
European Commission, DG Justice:
European Institute for Gender Equality:

Eurostat Indicators

A selection of indicators on gender equality is provided by Eurostat:

Other Official Indicators