General Description

What are relevant aspects to be analysed in an Impact Assessment? What are potential impacts? 

In order to provide a relevant but proportionate analysis it is important to identify those aspects which need consideration and in depth ananlysis in an IA. Not all aspects will be relevant for every policy. In order to support the selection of  impact areas, in this section of the toolbox, economic, social and environmental impact areas are described in detail. The descriptions entail: 

  • a definition of the impact area 
  • an overview of relevant European policies in the field 
  • web-resources 
  • indicators 

The list of impact areas are derived from the  Impact Assessment Guidelines (2005, 2009) of the European Commission and they are maintained and constantly updated by the LIAISE lead editors

For each impact area you can search for models, experts, publications and examples of Impact Assessments which all may contribute to your Impact Assessment.