Air Pollution Information System



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APIS provides a comprehensive source of information on air pollution and the effects on habitats and species. It is a support tool for staff in the UK conservation and regulatory agencies, industry and local authorities, for assessing the potential effects of air pollutants on habitats and species. As such, it aims to enable a consistent approach to air pollution impact assessment across the UK.

APIS provides:

Information on:

  • Habitat and species responses to different air pollutants;
  • UK Natura 2000 Critical loads and levels and soruce statistics
  • UK Deposition and concentration data;
  • Simple site based screening assessment; and 
  • Biomonitoring methods

Overview sections on: 

  • Pollutants and their impacts; 
  • Receptors and key air pollution concerns; and 
  • Legislation and international obligations

Interrogation by:

  • Pollutant (e.g. sulphur dioxide or ozone);
  • Habitats or species; and 
  • broad Ecosystems

The information in APIS will be used to inform assessments of Pollution Prevention and Control applications and to inform assessments required under the Habitats Regulations or other legislation.

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Time Horizon:


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