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Ecomod is a dynamic, multi-sector, multi-regional general equilibrium model. The model covers 87 world regions and distinguishes a maximum 69 (57 for most countries) types of commodities. It is based on the latest GTAP database. For countries where enough data are available, the model is capable of distinguishing different regions within the country and different types of households.

The model is mainly used for:

  • general macro and sectoral economic analysis – for example assessing the economic impact of R&D spending;
  • macro and sectoral economic forecasting.

Output variables:

  • •imperfect competition;
  • increasing returns to scale;
  • an oligopolistic framework: the sectors differ in their location, the number of operating firms and the degree of the economies of scale;
  • four economic agents in each country: firms, households, government and the rest of the world;
  • 87 world regions and 57 commodities;
  • a time horizon of 25 years, which can be extended in a flexible way.


Prof. Ali Bayar;