Farm System Simulator(Part of SEAMLESS)



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FSSIM (part of SEAMLESS) is a bio-economic farm
model developed to quantify the integrated agricultural, environmental, economic and policy aspects of farming systems FSSIM is developed to assess the response of the major farm types across the EU in response to policies and agro-technological development. FSSIM includes a data module for agricultural management, FSSIM-AM, which
computes the technical coeffi clients and costs for ranges of current and alternative agricultural activities, and FSSIM-MP, the mathematical programming part which aims to capture resource, socio-economic and policy constraints and the farmer’s major objectives. FSSIM-MP is a comparative, static mathematical programming model with a non-linear
objective function representing expected income and risk aversion towards price and yield variations. It assumes that prices are exogenous to the farmer.



Sander Janssen, Argyris Kanellopoulos, Martin van Ittersum

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