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Flood Ranger

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FloodRanger is an educational game about managing flood defences along rivers and coasts.

It is aimed at flood defence practitioners, local authorities, insurers, universities and schools.

The objective of the game is to defend urban areas and sites of special scientific interest while maintaining levels of housing and employment for an expanding population.

The game uses a virtual terrain loosely based on the east coast of England. The user can select between two world future scenarios in combination with four climate change scenarios taken from the UK Hadley Centre for Climate Change.

Input variables:

DEM; Rainfall; River Head Points; Land Sea grid; and Coast and River management regions files

Output variables:

Health score<br />
Agriculture Water Demand<br />
Annual Interest <br />
Homeless numbers<br />
Water demand score<br />
Budget for Next Decade<br />
Downstream River Defences<br />
Area at Risk Score in Flood Plain<br />
Public Opinion Score<br />
Regional Insurance Premium Score<br />
Overall Score<br />

Scientific documentation: