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GTAP was built as a general equilibrium model, assuming perfect competition and constant returns to scale, for 87 world regions and 57 commodities. The model allows for a sophisticated treatment of consumer demands, detailed treatment of international trade and transport costs and a global banking sector.
There are two main extensions to the main model: the dynamic version of GTAP (GTAP-Dyn) and the environmental extension (GTAP-E). The dynamic GTAP incorporates all the features of the standard model, with a revised (dynamic) treatment of investment behaviour and new accounting relations to keep track of the foreign ownership of capital. The GTAP-E model was built for the analysis of climate-change issues. The extension can be used to evaluate the abatement costs and spill-over effects of greenhouse-gas reduction policies through international trade and interactions between sectors.
Two other extensions of the model refer to migration and poverty research.

Input variables:

Output variables:

• for 87 world regions;<br />
• for 57 different commodities;<br />
• for GDP by expenditure (private and government consumption, investment, exports and imports) and by source (skilled and unskilled labour, capital, land, natural resources, other taxes);<br />
• for CO2 emissions by 6 fuels and 57 different users.<br />

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