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The GENIE model is focused on long-term paleo-climate change, and the future long-term response of the Earth system to human activities. It includes modules of the atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice, marine sediments, land surface, vegetation and soil, ice sheets and energy.
The model is mainly used for:
• long-term (millennia) climate-variation simulations;
• investigating carbon cycles during deglaciation and the changes in vegetation and carbon storage during Holocene, a geological epoch which began approximately 10,000 years ago and continues in the present;
• long-term projections of climate change and carbon cycling.

Input variables:

Output variables:

GENIE’s core modules are:<br />
• IGCM (Intermediate General Circulation Model) Atmosphere model;<br />
• EMBM (Energy-Moisture Balance Model) Atmosphere model – generates estimates for surface air temperature and surface-specific humidity;<br />
• GOLDSTEIN Ocean model – generates estimates of ocean temperature and salinity;<br />
• Slab Ocean model - evolves the ocean surface temperature based on the flux balance at the surface;<br />
• Dynamic-Thermodynamic Sea Ice model – estimates ice thickness and ice area fraction variables;<br />
• Slab Sea Ice model - calculates the surface temperature based on the flux balance at the surf;<br />
• Efficient Numerical Terrestrial Scheme - dynamic vegetation and soil model with a single class of vegetation;<br />
• GENIE-land - land and vegetation model, which simulates the interactions between the land surface and the atmosphere and oceans. These interactions include energy exchanges (radiation, heat) and mass exchanges;<br />
• GLIMMER – land-ice model – models feedbacks between the ice and the rest of the climate system, such as albedo changes, ice elevation evolution and the fresh water resources;<br />
• GENIE-atchem - Atmospheric chemistry model - estimate atmospheric CO2, CH4 and N2O and conserve these compounds over the Earth system;<br />
• Biogem - Ocean Biogeochemistry model;<br />
• RokGeM - Land Surface Weathering model - estimates calcite and silicate weathering.<br />

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Scientific documentation:

GENIE: Grid ENabled Integrated Earth System Model,
by Andrew Price, Tim Lenton, Simon Cox, Paul Valdes, John Shepherd and the GENIE team,


Paul Valdes (Professor of Physical Geography),, Dr. Tim Lenton (Reader in Earth System Analysis),