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MIRAGE is a general equilibrium model developed for the analysis of trade policies. The sectors and regions in the model are defined by the GTAP database (up to 57 commodities and 87 regions, including the EU27 member states). The model offers a detailed treatment of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and optional modules can be used to analyse different agricultural trade policies, including intervention prices and subsidies.
The model is mainly used for:
• the detailed analysis of trade policies;
• explicit modelling of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);
• detailed modelling of the agricultural sectors.
The MIRAGE model integrates imperfect competition with a Cournot oligopolistic framework (a market with few sellers, who compete over the amount they produce).

Input variables:

Other than capital, the inputs to production, such as land and labour, are set exogenously. With the exception of trade-barriers data, the model uses the most recent GTAP database. The trade-barriers data are taken from the MAcMaps (Market Access Map). It contains disaggregated trade barriers data for 165 countries and 220 partners.

Output variables:

impact of trade policies for:<br />
• 87 world regions (GTAP database, or customised aggregation) <br />
• 57 sectors (GTAP database, or customised aggregation) • FDI results.<br />

Documentation for the end user:

Scientific documentation: