Type of practice:


A key objective of the AgriAdapt project is the development of methodologies to assess climate change impacts on agriculture including adaptation at regional and farm type level in combination with market changes. More specifically, the methodologies should enable 1) the assessment of impacts, risks and resiliencies for agriculture under
a) changes in climatic conditions including increasing climate variability, b) other changes: market, technology, policy, etc., 2) the evaluation of adaptation strategies at farm type and regional scale.
The methodologies are applied on arable farming in Flevoland, the Netherlands as the key case study to demonstrate the approach. The methodologies cover the following main areas:
1. Development of scenarios of farm structural change towards 2050
2. Calculation of potential and actual yields for different scenarios in 2050 inclusive analysis of the effects of extreme events
3. Optimization of farming systems and economic analyses at farm level with different methods
a. bio-economic modeling, fixed cropping pattern method, data envelopment analysis
b. for both 2020 and 2050
4. Integration of the different methods at crop and farm level.


Company organisation which conducted the project

Wageningen University

Client/Sponsor of the project

Dutch Government


Year of IA Practice:

2009 to 2011