Appraising the Environmental Drivers of Migration

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Foresight (2011), Appraising the Environmental Drivers of Migration. Migration and Global Environmental Change - Future Challenges and Opportunities. Final Project Report.



A new report published by the UK government’s Foresight programme reveals that the major challenges associated with migration and environmental change have been underestimated. By focusing solely on those that might leave vulnerable areas, we risk neglecting those that will be ‘trapped’ and those that will actually move towards danger. It also shows that migration can have a transformative role in helping communities adapt to hazardous conditions. This is a critical finding for policy makers working to avert costly humanitarian disasters in the future. 

UEA's Andrew Jordan contributed a background report to the study, which looked, inter alia, at how policy appraisal is (not) used by EU governments to coordinate policy interventions in the areas of environmental protection and migration. 

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