Diversification for Tobacco Growing Regions in the Southern European Union (DIVTOB)

Type of practice:

The CAP reform for the tobacco sector has the aim to phase out the subside payment for tobacco cultivation. From 2006 to 2009 a decoupled payment is provided under the Single Farm Payment Scheme. This will have a great impact on the tobacco growers in terms of income and employment.The overall objective of the DIVTOB project is to give a scientific support in the implementation of diversification alternatives. This will be achieved by the identification and characterisation of those sustainable alternatives, which would provide employment and income for the tobacco farmers.The specific objectives of the DIVTOB project and work packages are:- To understand and define the needs of tobacco farmers WP2- To identify and characterise sustainable alternatives for employment and income and define further research needs WP3- To evaluate those opportunities, which are most suitable for every region concerned WP4- To develop an exploitation plan and to disseminate the results to the users and rural development agencies WP5The partnership consists of 14 partners from 6 countries, covering different disciplines, stakeholder views and experience with the tobacco sector. The project will strongly support EU and member states in the implementation of action plans to diversify "difficult" tobacco growing areas.


B. Manos, T. Bournaris, J. Papathanasiou, P. Hatzinikolaou, ‘Tobacco decoupling impacts on income, employment and environment in European tobacco regions’, International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol. 4, No. 4, 2010

Company organisation which conducted the project

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Client/Sponsor of the project

European Commission, (6th Framework Programme for Research)

Year of IA Practice:

2006 to 2007