Do Policy Impact Assessment Processes Promote Environmental Policy Integration?

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In Johanna's thesis the effectiveness of IA processes in regard to environmental policy integration (EPI) is analysed. Starting point is that the consideration of environmental issues in IAs is usually weak or varies strongly. At the same time IA procedures are conceived as an instrument for EPI. Johanna examines, if IA processes do actually support EPI and looks at factors constraining or promoting the assessment of environmental effects in the administrations.
Four case studies are analysed to explore IAs’ effectiveness: I trace and compare the IA processes in Great Britain and Germany on the implementation of the EU Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) – in Britain the 2011 Waste Regulations and in Germany the 2012 Circular Economy Act, and the EU Biofuels Directive (2003/30/EC) – the British 2007 Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation and the 2006 German Biofuels Quota Act.
In a first step an evaluation concept was developed to assess the level of EPI in the four final policies (policy proposals). Secondly, the four IA processes are traced to reconstruct what lead to the different levels of EPI. The comparison of the cases is ensured by Actor-Centred Institutionalism. The thesis is set to contribute to a better understanding of IA processes; the overall results shall lessons help to derive lessons learned for an improved effectiveness of IA processes.

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