A Framework for Structuring Interdisciplinary Research Management

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König, Bettina/Diehl, Katharina/Tscherning, Karen/Helming, Katharina (2013), A Framework for Structuring Interdisciplinary Research Management. Research Policy 42(1), pp.261-272.



With project-based research becoming a major form of research organisation, coordination and management has become an important task in interdisciplinary research collaborations and a key determinant of their success. This paper presents an Interdisciplinary Research Management Framework that makes coordinator functions explicit and plausible.

The framework can facilitate the structured planning, conducting and evaluating of management activities for large interdisciplinary projects. It can be a practical tool for project leaders and scientific administrators, but may also help to facilitate further academic discussion on interdisciplinary research management. The production of results dependent on information transfers between project consortia and target arenas (e.g. the science policy interface) remains a major challenge. In any case, a re-invention of the wheel process, in the sense of personal and project-specific learning, still seems to be somewhat necessary for organising context-specific, temporary interdisciplinary research programmes.

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