IA Report: Communication - Energy Roadmap 2050 (2011)

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The PRIMES, PROMETHEUS (http://www.e3mlab.ntua.gr/e3mlab/PROMETHEUS%20Manual/prometheus_documentation.pdf), GAINS (http://gains.iiasa.ac.at/index.php/gains-europe) and GEM-E3 models are used for the purpose of the Impact Assessment on the Energy Roadmap 2050. The corresponding IA Report (http://ec.europa.eu/governance/impact/ia_carried_out/docs/ia_2011/sec_2011_1565_en.pdf) gives an account of this application.

The PRIMES model is a modelling system that simulates a market equilibrium solution for energy supply and demand. The model is organized in sub-models (modules), each one representing the behaviour of a specific (or representative) agent, a demander and/or a supplier of energy. GAINS complements PRIMES with consistent estimates of non-CO2 emissions and their contribution to reach the policy targets included in the reference scenario. PROMETHEUS is a stochastic world energy model used for determining fossil fuel import prices, while the results of the GEM-E3 general equilibrium model are used as inputs of macro-economic (e.g. GDP) and sectoral numbers (e.g. sectoral value added) for PRIMES. Several EU scenarios were established at different points in time using a framework contract with National Technical University of Athens (author and owner of the PRIMES model).

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