IA Report: Mechanism for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and for reporting other information at national and Union level relevant to climate change (2011)

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The EU Standard Cost Model (http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/secretariat_general/admin_burden/eu_scm/eu_scm_en.htm) was used to assess the administrative costs on public authorities in the Member States through defining the costs for the various information obligations imposed by the revision of the Monitoring Mechanism Decision (MMD). The administrative burden was estimated for the preferred option and when possible also for the other options covered in this impact assessment. In applying the cost model both recurring and one-off administrative costs were taken into account. The assessment of the administrative burden focuses on public administrations as these are the ones expected to incur any additional costs resulting from the revision of the MMD. The quantification of the burden was done with the help of the "Administrative Burdens Calculator" and the "EU database on Administrative Burdens'. The information obligations and the required actions were identified in accordance with the impact assessment guidelines. The corresponding IA Report (http://ec.europa.eu/governance/impact/ia_carried_out/docs/ia_2011/sec_2011_1407_en.pdf) gives an account of this application.

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