Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development

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Weiland, Sabine (2010). Sustainbility Assessment. LIAISE Innovation Report No. 1.



The LIAISE innovation report is a biannual publication that aims to synthesize and analyze recent research and new publications in the field of Impact Assessment (IA). The aim is to provide overview information on the latest developments in IA research to IA researchers, IA practitioners and other interested persons. The innovation report has a twofold purpose: on the one hand, it should allow a quick overview on recent publications. On the other hand, by taking up and reflecting streams of research, the report should contribute to the further development of IA related research communities: The reported research does not only draw upon the outcomes of the various LIAISE activities, but also on other projects and new publications. The main part of the innovation report is a thematic focus, which has the form of a review article. 

The current issue focuses on ‘Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development’ and, thus, on ‘Sustainability Assessment’ which aims at assessing the sustainability implications of policies. The topic has received increased attention over the last years, in particular since Sustainability Assessment (SA) is beginning to proliferate as a decision-support tool.

Furthermore, the report gathers the latest publications in the field of IA and provides brief descriptions of their content/methods with particular focus on their innovative character. Each innovation report will review five to ten new publications in the field. The idea is to provide the reader with information on current developments in IA research. In the current issue we review publications on topics as diverse as the effectiveness of impact assessment instruments, science-policy interface, and tools for adaptive policies, to name but a few.

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