Impact Assessment - Assessment of National-level Policy Strategies

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Saarela, Sanna-Riikka/Söderman, Tarja/Lyytimäki, Jari (2013), Impact Assessment - Assessment of National-level Policy Strategies, LIAISE Policy Brief No. 2.



A key challenge of national climate policies is how to respond to the internationally set policy targets at the national level. This policy brief presents results from the on-going study focusing on the use of impact assessment in the renewal of Finnish energy and climate strategy. The long-term national energy and climate strategy is a high-level political document describing a proposal for achieving the EU targets for renewable energy and emission reductions. The renewal process of the strategy included two impact assessments focusing on the environmental effects of the proposed strategy and implications to the national energy system and economy.

The process of impact assessment can be more useful for the development of wide-ranging and long-term strategies than the actual results produced by the assessment. The process is particularly important for promoting policy integration.

The results highlight the importance of transparency in the planning phase of assessment, sensitivity to scale issues and realistic expectations towards the outcomes of the assessment given the limited resources and time constraints of the assessment.

The key criterion for a good assessment tool is the ability to foster collaborative co-production of knowledge.


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