Impact Assessment Practice in Europe

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Adelle, Camilla (2011), Impact Assessment Practice in Europe. LIAISE Innovation Report No. 2.



The second issue of the LIAISE Innovation Report is out at the beginning of the second year of the LIAISE project. LIAISE is now a well-established research network and a number of important achievements have already been made since its inception. One result is the focus of this innovation report: the most comprehensive survey yet conducted of tool use and user needs with regard to Impact Assessment (IA) systems in 17 European countries. Data was collected, as part of the LIAISE project, through documentary analysis and interviews with c. 120 people who steer IA at a strategic level. The survey is summarized by Camilla Adelle (University of East Anglia), in the article ‘User needs in Impact Assessment’ for this issue of the Innovation Report.

In addition to the research article on IA tools and user needs, a number of recent and interesting publications on IA are briefly reviewed, dealing with issues such as knowledge brokerage, images of IA as present in different countries, and questions whether IA leads to better or to more sustainable policies.


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