Type of practice:

The 2.5-year research project (2009-2011) NTM-Impact financed by the EU under the 7th framework program aims at collecting and analyzing new data on non-tariff measures (NTMs), particularly on governmental standards and regulations that prescribe the conditions for importing agri-food products into the EU market and into the markets of the main competing players. Furthermore, impacts from EU and trade partner NTMs on least developed country exports are examined.
The project will deliver the following results:
1. An analytical framework for defining measures, methods, products and countries.
2. A data base on NTMs in EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Russia and New Zealand.
3. Comparative analyses on the impact of NTMs on agri-food trade of the EU vs. competitors.
4. Policy recommendations from case studies for quantifying NTMs on fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy trade clusters with the EU and competing trade partners.
5. Policy recommendations from case studies on the impacts of EU and trade partner private and public standards in LDCs.
6. Timely dissemination of project results to key stakeholders
The consortium of 21 partners is co-ordinated by CIRAD, Montepellier.


Simon W. Schlüter, Christine Wieck and Thomas Heckelei: Regulatory Policies in Meat Trade: Is There Evidence for Least Trade-distorting Sanitary Regulations? , American Journal of Agricultural Economics , vol. 91 (5) , p. 1484–1490,

Project working papers:
29/01/2010 Analytical framework for the NTM-Impact project. By Simon Schlueter, Marie-Luise Rau, Christine Wieck, John Humphrey, Lisbeth Colen, Thomas Heckelei

9/6/2010 Index Heterogeneity of Requirements in International Agri Food Trade. By Marie-Luise Rau / Karl Shutes / Simon Schlueter

Company organisation which conducted the project

University of Bonn

Client/Sponsor of the project

European Commission

Year of IA Practice:

2009 to 2011