Peri-Urban Futures: Scenarios and Models for Land Use Change in Europe

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Nilsson, K./Pauleit, S./Bell, S./Aalbers C./Sick Nielsen, T. (eds.) (2013), Peri-Urban Futures: Scenarios and Models for Land Use Change in Europe. Springer (2013).



In “Peri-urban futures: Scenarios and models for land use change in Europe” the challenges to governance and spatial planning for urban regions and for the urban fringe in particular are presented by means of six case studies in Europe and one in China.

The book presents a research framework for analysing, assessing and comparing regional governance and spatial planning strategies. This framework was devised by practitioners - regional and local governments, NGOs, eg. CSOs, farmers organisations - and researchers together. The framework supports the comparison of comprehensive as well as sector strategies. Also, two Integrative Impact Assessment tools are presented, one for the EU27, another for the regions, which can also be visited online. Via a graphical user interface it is possible to explore the effect of global drivers, national planning policies and governance on land use change in regions and in relation to sustainability. Scenario studies and MOLAND are used to explore the possible futures for the case study regions.

The book concludes with lessons for policy makers and a view towards the future of peri-urban regions. The book is one of the main products of the FP6 PLUREL project.


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