The Science-policy Interface

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Weiland, Sabine (2011), The Science-policy Interface. LIAISE Innovation Report No. 3.



This innovation report deals with the science-policy interface and the interactions going on at the interface. Drawing on writings from the rich body of literature of knowledge utilization studies in political science and in science and technology studies we look at the conditions of science-policy interaction, review concepts, such as boundary work, used to describe science-policy interaction, and go through publications that deal with concepts to understand and manage the science-policy interface. The notion of ‘boundary management’ could provide an alternative to the criticised linear model of the transmission of science into policy. In the report, particular emphasis lies on the concept of ‘knowledge brokering’ that plays a key role in LIAISE’s Work Package 6 as a strategy of linking science and politics. A reflection on the role of political scientists as analysts and facilitators of science-policy interaction closes the report.

Not all of the reviewed articles are new; some are rather classical readings from the science-policy debate. Also, given the broad range of existing publications, the choice of the publications for review is necessarily selective. Nevertheless, we hope to provide the reader with an instructive overview on the topic.

In the second part, the innovation report as usual contains a number of short reviews of recent publications from the field of impact assessment.

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